Moonlight Rescue

His finger remained swollen and stiff from the branch wound. but he pays no mind to it inching it closer on the rifles trigger. The smell of the ground whipped around his nose and savored the cool air that danced between his shoulder, and the log he reclined. His heart thumped controlling his breath, awaiting the perfect opportunity to capture his long awaited meal. The deer, lifted its head from munching on the leaves. He inhales then exhales and between breaths in the fraction of a second where every cell in his body pauses, he squeezed the trigger and neutralized the deer.

After an hour of prepping and trekking hills for a quarter of a mile his tiresome walk takes its toll. Yet his sense of hearing remains alert, as crackling sounds of twigs broke nearby. Accepting no chances, his level of awareness heightned scanning the dense forest while clenching his rifle. Shadowsblend in-between the darkened spaces. Around the brushes, the tree trunks, the flourished ground and the thick leaves. It was becoming difficult trying to make out any sudden movement in the forest. The sunlight above the tree line dampers and the temperature falls.

His heart paces up a notch knowing nocturnal animals run best during these hours. Another set of crackling twigs stirred again but even closer. His breath becomes short, and now his heart is poundingagainst his chest. Sharp head turns over both shoulders makes sure coverage from different angles, as his knuckles whitened grasping the rifle. The eerie wilderness silence broke from a sudden burst out of the bushes. A roaring 500lb grizzly bear closing fast towards his right side.
He turns to face the raging bear to see it’s immense shoulder blades, and fearless eyes locked onto him. The bear made motions to pounce on the hunter, extending its right paw to lock onto the hunter and widening his jaw to deliver a ferocious bite. In a fraction of a second, the barrel of the hunter’s rifle aligned with the bear mouth. The hunter shoved the rifles barrel deep inside its throat, pulling the trigger. The fatal shot halts the charging bear. Causing the hungry omnivore to thrust its entire dead weight on top of the hunter.

His torso and legs are now trapped underneath this dense animal. He took a moment to regain his emotional strength from the frightening near death experience he encountered. With the rifle lodged into the bear’s mouth, he uses up his complete physical strength to break free, but with no luck. Another deadly circumstance emerged, being pinned under a dead bear. This skilled hunter can no longer conjure any strength to become free. As he now fights to stay conscious, his weakened state drains him. A clear range of vision darkens, becoming blurry while gradually losing his hearing. Sluggish arms dominate his mobilities and his head and eyelids grow very weak. A once firm and energetic body became lifeless, and he passes out.

Shortly, his eyelids lay very heavy; his sight is unclear, his body sways from side to side. The pale blue moonlight provided a glimpse for a surviving chance, so he continues to lift his eyelids for confirmation. Nevertheless, revealed to him in a silhouette is what almost looks like a mane of hair, and the felt of tender feathers that trickled across his chin with every brief sway he motioned. He cannot hold up anymore, his eyes roll back and falls into deep darkness again. It was not until he felt warmth and a golden flickering light emitting through his weakened eyelids. He gently opened them to bare sight of a well lite bonfire before him, with a steaming pot nearby.

He looked onto himself and saw what appeared to be bearskin neatly wrapped on his body. His regained strength allowed him to stretch his eyesight beyond the bonfire and it was then, that he became breathless to what he witnessed before him. The most beautiful Cherokee woman he ever saw outfitted in high-ranking attire just sat on her horse gazing upon him.Her eyes glistened from the fire, like emeralds reflecting beneath water from a radiant sun. Her skin was smooth as satin with a light and pleasant Earthy comp lection. Her beauty and strength was predominantly expressive through her confident posture by displaying control over her horse. She hinted a gentle smirk at him, and then rode off into the wooden darkness leaving no trace behind. Every ounce of the hunter’s strength summoned to call out for her, but not a single breath emerged.

Weeks later, the hunter was in his cabin preparing supper and his invited guess arrives. The hunter’s guest is his childhood companion. While his friend was getting comfortable, a painting above the fireplace struck his attention.

“Whoa! This is new. Dude! Who is that?

The hunter stops shortly of what he is doing on the kitchen counter, wipes his hands, walks over beside his memorized friend. And as they both stare at the painting, he points up to it and replies,

” That my friend, is my moonlight rescue”.


The End


Shocking Facts: On Making A Living Online

Internet Money


What do you think is the number one reason, why most internet marketers cannot seem to grow their online business?

 You’d probably come up with a few good reasons such as; fear, procrastination, negativity, product ideas, lack of creativity and so on. Even though these reasons might be great answers, they’re just not the number one reason. Actually, the number one reason is something you wouldn’t even think of.

About ten years ago, I use to be in the hospitality industry working as a “bar back” at a waterfront restaurant in New Jersey. The job was very labor intensive and required long hour days and nights. The bar back’s duty (if your unaware), is primarily the “gopher” for the bartenders. The one who stocks up all the ice in the bins, replaces all of the glassware, wine and liquor bottles, fetches all the food from the kitchen, take’s out all of the trash, re-stocks the wine and liquor rooms, changes out the beer kegs, returns the dirty dishes to the dishwasher, replenishes soda containers for the soda guns, cuts and preps all of the fruits to garnish the drinks and rolls up the silverware for the bar. The job entailed to have very little interaction with guests and I wasn’t supposed to serve any drinks either. But, my desire was still to become a bartender in order to reap all of the benefits that came along with that position. Flexible hours, job security, bartending popularity and of course, more money!

Despite working for nearly five years behind that ‘fancy bar’ with no advancement through favoritism, the only thing gained was various drink preparations and knowing how everything operated behind the bar. Heck, my chances were greater at bartending, by sneaking up behind one of the bartenders after a shift, cementing his feet and throwing him into the river! I mean, not one of them were willing to give up their reign at the throne.

One day, after returning from vacation, I’ve learned that some serious downsizing was going to occur at the company. And the bar was not excluded from that list. The time to look for another job was eminent, so I began searching. Within that same week, I stopped at my local grocery store and bumped into a friend of mine. Who coincidently told me about a new job opportunity in New York City, at a newly built baseball stadium, as a bartender! A young restaurant manager by the name of “Jerry”, lived above the store gave him the job opening details and he gladly passed it on to me. Man, was I excited! This was it, my chance to finally spread my wings and become a bartender! I jotted down the place, day and time and made it my business to be there.

On that day of the job opening it took me about two hours to get there, but I made it. A tall man in a brown trench coat with a clipboard was directing people outside of the stadium. Two lines were formed, one on the right and the other on the left. When I was approached, he asked for my name and I gave it to him, he went down the list and said, “Son, your name is not on the list. Are you a new hire?” I thought, well, I’m new to this place and I am seeking to get hired, so I said “Yes! I’m a new hire”. “So, go ahead and stand on the line to the right”, he firmly replied.  After several minutes had gone by of rounding people up, he walked up and down the lines like some sort of drill sergeant. He was reminding everyone to have all proper Ids’ ready before entering the stadium. I turned to the guy behind me and asked, “Hey, what forms of Id do they need from us?” the guy said, “Just a state picture Id and your social security card, that’s all”. I said to myself, “Oh, okay. I happen to have these things with me. I got this!” Moments later, we were given hard hats for safety precautions and we made our way into the brand new baseball stadium.

We all arrived at the processing room to receive an employment confirmation, according to their “master list”. When my turn came up, a lady with the list asked for my name, I kindly gave it to her and she went up and down the list searching for it. And of course, my name was not on that list. “Which manager did you speak too?” I was asked, “Through a manger by the name of Jerry”, I replied. “Jerry? Well, what’s his last name?”.”I’m not sure”, I said. This caused more confusion amongst the ballpark staff, as they were trying to figure out who this “Jerry” person was. The lady who had the list then asked me, “What position did you applied for?”, “Bartender”, I answered. Finally, the staffing manager’s voice projected louder above the others, pointed at me and suspiciously said, “You didn’t fill out an application at all, did you? Like, as an actual application, right?” Time stood still for a brief second; they all looked towards my direction and waited for my response.

It was within that second, in that exact fractional moment that I had to become the person I never had the courage to be. “You know you want it – act like you got it!” This was not the time to be scared stiff and allow having a perfect growing opportunity, crumbling right before me. But, think about this for a moment: how many times have you allowed a situation to paralyze your growth?

Most internet marketers think that the number one reason why their business doesn’t grow is some kind of bad obstacle. Not enough money, not enough time, not being creative enough, not self driven enough and so on. The number one reason that prevents internet marketers to make an online living is the lack of Mobility! According to the Census Bureau and the U.S. small business administration, ninety percent of online businesses fail within the first one hundred and twenty days! You become a stagnant internet marketer, because too many of you go into business with the lack of proper insight, in order to react and administer it properly!

The remaining ten percent of successful entrepreneurs understands this ability to move freely and easily, by expanding on what they already know. The amount of success coming your way solely depends on your willingness to learn and act. I instantly realized that I’ve already possessed the right mindset, the realistic expectations to be behind the bar, the techniques and tricks of a bar mixologist, plus the in-depth “know how” of bar operations. I, in reality was a bartender capable of confidently maneuvering freely and easily at will.

So, I boldly looked straight into the eyes of the head staffing manager and without hesitation, in a clear and calm voice I said to him, “No, I did not fill out an actual application, but you’d be very disappointed to not have me on that list”. The staffing manager froze and just stared at me. The lady with the master list chuckled under her breath and said, “Let’s go to the main office and check to see if you might be there”.  We went back and forth for nearly ten minutes and after realizing that my name was not in the system and clearly neither on the master list, I was once again asked, “What’s the new hire position that your applying for?”, I proudly repeated, “Bartender”. And that’s when a male voice from behind the office was heard saying, “Bartender huh? Come over here. Let me make this quick phone call and give this a try”, he said. So I walked over to this tall, slender, boyish looking, gentleman who was sitting on the edge of a table. He shook my hand and kindly introduced himself as the head director in charge of all the bars in the stadium. He then stood up, flipped his phone open and proceeded to dial. The moment he was connected, he asked me to spell my first and last name to him, while he repeated it to the person on the phone.

He briefly paused then says, “uh huh…ok…yea…uh huh… ok, good”. He closed his cell phone looks over to me and says, “Well, you’re definitely not in our system”. My eyes squinted, I shook my head and threw a heavy sigh and said, “Wow. I came all the way from Jersey”. But he continued, “However, your name is now on the interviewing list for all the ‘new hire’ bartenders that will be held tomorrow. I’m going to be conducting the interviews along with three other managers at nine in the morning, sharp. So, I apologize for any inconveniences and I’ll see you then”.

I thanked him, he smiled, we both shook hands and I walked out of that stadium feeling like a million bucks. I also felt like a million bucks the day after because, I aced both interview’s on the spot and landed the position to become a bartender for the stadium. After four seasons with them I left and sharpened my skills becoming a lead bar trainer at a fine dining restaurant, a bar supervisor, a manager for the restaurant and retail industry, an online business owner and I haven’t looked back since. But, there’s nothing special about me, but rather something very special in that phrase that changed my life.

“You know you want it – act like you got it”, because the moment you do, you too will move freely and easily at will.

Success with internet marketing does not just happen to some people. It happens when people obtain a profound understanding of internet marketing and how it works. They simply learn about it Here are three key facts I’m going to share with you that explains the truth about online success.



When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change. The very first place to start with achieving success is learning how to erase the lottery mindset. The ninety percent, start a business assuming that if you have a product, the next thing to do is promote it and the money comes in. That’s great and all, but without a plan you’ll go nowhere fast! I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, but here it is again at a thousand and one; you must be disciplined and you have to set goals for yourself. And, when I mean goals, a detailed orientated, heartfelt goal for yourself and for your business! Recall a memory or a situation that really hits home and place it before you in your mind on a daily basis to attain a consistent drive. When you do this every day and every time before you get started on a project that’s in alignment with your desired goal, this will help increase your desire to hit it. Now, don’t stop there! In order to achieve a goal you need to create self value. How do you create self value? You become a person of great value by how well you give to the right people. By allocating your time better and doing things in order of importance. Start looking to find fifteen minutes, half hour and sixty minute pockets of time, where you know you’re going to get things done on a daily basis. Implement this through every aspect of your life and not only will you begin to notice an increase in value, but also how self disciplined you’ll become. And discipline, is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.


Have you ever ordered a product online, an item from a magazine, a gift from a catalog or even dinner at a restaurant, and the moment you received it, it looks almost nothing like how it was presented or advertised? Well, “When you have expectations, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment”. However, when you have true expectations upon diligence, you’re able to sharpen your tools and perfect your work. Big difference! The harsh realities of online business ownership is that there’s real work involved, there’s skills and techniques to be learned and of course, money to be invested. It’s important to grasp the understanding that there’s no such thing as an autopilot, money making, magic software that does all the work for you. Also, thoughts are measured frequencies that affect your body, your personality and your reactions, no different than a punch to the stomach will cause you to bend over. Creating thoughts such as, “I don’t have to get up and work hard” or “I can work when I want to” really should be eliminated. Expect to work hard to achieve your goals and do not expect for things to become easy. You have to be willing to keep going when things don’t go right the first time. With proper insight, understanding and techniques you’ll learn to reach a point where you can get pass the grunt work. Marketing online is an incredibly enjoyable profession when you have the proper tools, just like how the ten percent have been doing it. Which, leads right into my third and final method of the “know-how’s”.


“You have to learn the rules of the game, then you have to play better than anyone else.” What knowledge does the ten percent of successful business owners have, that the other ninety doesn’t? Every online information marketing based business, utilizes a foundational structure known as, “The Perpetual Funnel System.” This concept is designed to be extremely effective due to its versatility, upon using it. The outline of how it works remains the same regardless what information or product you’re attempting to promote. Once you fully comprehend how the system works, you’ll need to consistently generate traffic to be filtered through your site, attracting potential prospects. This is done by “Targeting Your Market”, with very strategic ad placements through blogging, social media, paid advertising and other networking outlets. But, more importantly placing ads that are scientifically created, rather than the standardize old school marketing. After mastering eye grabbing ads, you put it into practice and follow up through trial and error on what doesn’t work, and what is working for you. When you begin to generate profit and decide to move onto the next plateau to double it, you apply the “Principle of Multiplication”, to achieve stellar business growth.

Now, I would love to dive further into details on all these techniques, however, I would much rather you learn about these valuable lessons, tips and information directly from the source. If internet marketing is what you are truly looking for, David Wood (the maker of The Perletual Funnel System), is the man to learn from. I am very certain that this information would not only catapult your mindset, business visionary mission and your marketing education to the next level; but it would also provide the mobility for you to move easily and freely at will.


Author and Ecommerce reseller